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Black & Gold Lolli Ear Jacket

What is an Ear Jacket?

What exactly is an Ear Jacket?  An ear jacket, also known as an earring enhancer is the extra piece that can be worn with a stud earring to enhance or elevate the look. 

Some jackets sit in front of the earlobe while others attach from behind to give the illusion that the earring is floating along the bottom of the lobe.  Ear jackets enable the wearer to have more versatility with a single piece of jewelry.  We love that by just adding 2 or 3 ear jackets to your jewelry collection it would give you so many beautiful possibilities especially if you're able to mix and match them! 

Visit our Jewelry Collection to see how you can expand your own selection of pieces.  You'll be happy to know that all of our jewelry is Made in Canada!

Black & Gold Lolli Ear JacketsBeautiful Boundaries 3 Flower Ear Jacket Earrings








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