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Dark Maple Lambswool Scarf

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Perfect for Canada's cooler seasons, this beautiful scarf carries Canada's official tartan!  Soft & light, lambswool keeps you warm without weighing you down.

Lambswool is considered the highest quality of sheep’s wool on the market. 

Because of its silkiness, softness and warmth, Lambswool can be worn comfortably against the skin. It’s also the most hypoallergenic of all wools. Recommend hand wash in cold water and dry flat or dry clean.

Canada’s official tartan: The four colours reflect the colours of the maple leaf as it changes through the seasons:  Green is the spring. Gold is early autumn. Red at the first frost. Brown after it falls.

Matches Dark Maple Lambswool Cape

Size: 30cm x 140cm.

Licenced by the Scottish Tartan Registry

Made in Canada