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Ebba Cuddlers Stuffed Animals - Coby Cow Super Soft Plush Toy

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Ebba Cuddlers Coby Cow has a sweet face and is a light white & grey color with  stripes to accent the inside of his soft ears and the bottoms of his feet.

The Cuddlers name is the perfect description for these super soft plush stuffed animals, you will fall in love with them as soon as you pick them up and hug them.

Super soft, 2 toned fluffiness that will make any child smile. 

The perfect stuffed friend in the right size for a cuddle on the couch or snuggling at bedtime. A wonderful gift for your favourite little one. 

Embroidered nose and eyes make it a perfect gift choice for baby.

Approximately 14" tall

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Why you'll love them!

Super soft with embroidered eyes that are safe for baby