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Mr. Gladstone Solid Cologne Vieux Port


Small and compact, Mr.Gladstone Solid Cologne easily fits into the side pocket of your gym or hockey bag and is great to pack in your carry on luggage.  The metal tin makes it perfect to take along for a handy fragrance refresh without the worry of breaking a glass bottle. 

Mr. Gladstone crafts natural, solid wax-based colognes designed to roam, navigate and traverse life's thrilling paths with effortless confidence. Portable, spill-proof and discreet, a mere dab on the pulse points has the endurance and vigor to withstand a long day's journey into night.

To apply, lightly slide a finger over cologne and dab onto pulse points such as the wrist, or behind the ears and neck.

Scent notes include: bergamot, jasmine, orange, neroli, basil, and white patchouli.

Tin Size 1.25"W x 3.1"L

Made in Canada